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Spring 2024 Collection

The main focus of the project is the creation of 7 unique T-shirts. Each design was uniquely crafted using Procreate and then vectorized in Illustrator. Additionally, I developed a logo for Unexpected Turn, a brand that embodies the spirit of unisex oversized clothing collections. The message behind the spring 2024 collection is to take a positive outlook on unexpected events. Along with the seven shirts, I created three posters 18in x 24in,7in x 7in a 24-page Lookbook, a brand logo, clothing tags,  animated logo key chains, and tote bags.

This collection comforts us by reminding us to show compassion for ourselves during the transition and seek learning opportunities because Life is unexpected. 
Embracing and adapting to chaos can lead to positive outcomes. The collection centers around six outcomes: growth, Love, grace, happiness, respect, and Life. Each of the seven shirts features the Unexpected Turn logo on the front and a unique graphic design on the back, symbolizing one of these positive outcomes. 

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