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Business Cards

Carmen Business Cards were created for my personal brand to share with potential clients. As I grew my skills as a graphic designer, I needed a business card to represent me; the brand direction was to evoke an elegant yet playful aesthetic.
I created a name mark with custom interlock typography that pairs with the main graphic illustrations. The primary graphic illusion is a checker pattern consisting of different scales of squares and rectangles that mesh with curvy lines. Curvy lines are a constant theme in my work because I enjoy the freedom and spontaneous process. Both square and imperfect curves represent my detail-oriented inspiration, which meshes with my spontaneous creative inspiration.


The final cards were printed with the MOO Printing Company. The Business cards are a matte soft touch, with graphic glossy Gold Foil elements, Standard size, 2.0″ x 3.5″, 18pt thickness, and with square edges. 

PARK2-5 copy_edited.jpg
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